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Faster, More Efficient and Easier to use.
DE Rotary Seed Cleaners are the only machines on the market which can blow off lighter material, scalp larger trash and smaller seconds from any sample in one high speed pass. All this whilst achieving unmatched cleaning capacities even under increased radish and ryegrass infestations - producing ‘premium crops’ from paddocks barely good enough for sale as feed. A number of different size machines are now available in our rotary grain cleaning range to cater for the spectrum of farm sizes.

One of our custom built Mega cleaners (fitted with a 300mm inlet auger) has gone to a Queensland farmer who has cleaned 17% 2nds from wheat down to 3% at over 80t/hr.
In chick peas where there is zero tolerance for sand, the same customer has been able to lower the front while harvesting increasing yield by 0.2-0.4 tonnes per hectare. The increase over his 6000ha crop saved over 1-1.9 million dollars with a $100,000 machine.

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